The Nursemaid’s Extra Duties

The Nursemaid’s Extra Duties
by Sadie Red

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“Show how generous you can be, Violet. You have more than enough to go around.”

Violet seeks employment as a nursemaid at the home of Lord Franklin, and finds herself in demand in unexpected ways. Although she is deeply humiliated by her extra duties which involve providing creamy nourishment, comfort and satisfaction for gentlemen at Lord Franklin's social gatherings, she is astonished to discover how pleasurable she finds the shame and embarrassment of being exposed and watched in her new role.

Note: Intended for mature readers. Please do not buy this book if scenes of female exposure, sharing and humiliation offend you.

"The Nursemaid's Extra Duties" is a standalone story. Curl up with your e-reader and enjoy the steamy heat of Violet's humiliation.