Punish Me, Please

Punish Me, Please
by Sadie Red

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“Do you need a lesson from my hand?”

After my loss, I move to Derbyshire as the ward of Lord Stanworth. He is a stranger to me, an exciting stranger who makes my innocent heart beat faster – not only for his fine appearance, but because of his ideas about household discipline.

He expects me to marry an eligible man, and appoints a governess to teach me the finer points of society – but when her disciplinary methods are not strict enough, he undertakes the duty himself.

At first, it’s a painful lesson for me, and then it evolves into something else entirely … especially when I can’t seem to help provoking his most exacting and vigorous approaches to taming my unruly spirit.

Note: Intended for mature readers. Please do not buy this book if scenes of female punishment and humiliation offend you.

"Punish Me, Please" is a standalone short story. Feel all the heat as Victoria learns how good punishment can be in the right hands.