Party Wife: A Halloween Hotwife Fantasy

Party Wife: A Halloween Hotwife Fantasy
by Treasure Sinclaire

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My husband and I are finally invited to the biggest Halloween bash in our town.

This is the party everyone whispers about but never admits to actually being there. We know it's gonna be a wild evening.

My hubby wears a purple velvet and faux-leopard pimp costume and passes me off as his working girl for the night. And boy, do I learn a few new tricks!

The costumes at this party are wild beyond imagination, and I have the best time as my husband shares me with dozens of men in various costumes. The most amazing are the guys who come as monsters and creatures of the night. I mean, the prosthetics these guys use are amaze-balls. I swear, I think the vampire dude actually bites me on the neck. And the ogre? His horns can do amazing things.

It's a dream come true for this hot wife, and my husband helps make sure I'm fulfilled in every way imaginable.