Overflowing With Love, The Infernalis Club, Book 11

Overflowing With Love, The Infernalis Club, Book 11
by Chera Zade & Fanny Mills

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This is a short but very steamy interlude in the marriage of Lord and Lady Dalton, the couple that was introduced in "Eggs In Her Basket, The Infernalis Club, Book 10."

Lord and Lady Dalton had married quickly, a marriage that elevated her from genteel poverty to a station well beyond her wildest imagination.

Despite Lady Dalton’s secret indulgence in romantic and amatory novels, even her imagination had not prepared her for the heated passions that her husband stirred within her. And had certainly not prepared her for the experience, seemingly new each time, of being husbanded by such a handsome, powerful, virile man who knew just how to dominate her.

But, with her due date rapidly approaching, and her waistline a distant memory, Lady Dalton cannot help but doubt her attractiveness, especially when she compares herself with their beautiful neighbor.

Will Lord Dalton be able to remove all of his wife’s doubts about her attractiveness, via the method he knows best?

Expect scenes from a passionate marriage..