Lap Of Luxury: Older Man/Younger Woman Erotica

Lap Of Luxury: Older Man/Younger Woman Erotica
by Kimberley Raven

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Having a newborn means sleepless nights and throbbing, swollen breasts. But who better to relieve the ache than an eager man?

Ally’s husband, Joe, not only adores her curvy, post-pregnancy body, but he’s also more than willing—some might say desperate—to lap up her milk. His greedy tongue and lips suck, slurp and drain his wife’s nectar whenever he has the chance.

And Ally can’t get enough of his suckling. It’s a huge turn-on whenever he gulps and swallows the creaminess leaking from her ample breasts.

And as for Joe? He has an endless supply of milk, so he’s not complaining.