His Role To Play: Rowlenson’s Historical Roleplaying Matchmaking Agency

His Role To Play: Rowlenson's Historical Roleplaying Matchmaking Agency
by Chera Zade & Fanny Mills

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Rowlenson's Historical Roleplaying Matchmaking Agency.

It is more than just an extremely exclusive matchmaking service for some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, it’s also a place to get a chance to enact your deepest fantasies to ensure that you’re compatible with the person you’re about to marry.

Eva is burned out from dating, and no wonder. For the youngest tenured professor at her university, it’s hard enough trying to find a guy who can keep up with her mind, let alone her body. She knows she’s a challenge, but her desire to dominate in scholarly debates secretly gets flipped in the bedroom. But how can she find the right guy to take control of her submissive side if she won’t admit that she loves being dominated? And not just dominated by a modern man, but by a strict 19th century gentleman, with all sorts of secret perversions?

Dominant alpha billionaire Colm is done with his friends setting him up on blind dates. They mean well, sure, pairing him with beautiful, accomplished women, but how can he explain that his dream date would involve giving a naughty, curvy little sub a very rosy bottom? And that things would only get hotter from there as they explored the dirty, possibly even taboo secrets of their imaginations?

A bit of Victorian Guardian & Ward play in a study with a large mahogany desk sounds about right... for a most unusual, and incredibly steamy date.

It’s time to turn to Rowlenson's for help.