Filling Her Basket: A Fertile Spring Fantasy

Filling Her Basket: A Fertile Spring Fantasy
by Cordova Skye

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Even good girls can succumb to spring fever.

Innocent Harmony always lives up to her name, keeping the peace by doing exactly what's expected of her. When she's unexpectedly left alone for spring break, though, she decides a little adventure in the great outdoors is just what she needs.

A simple picnic leads to a meeting she'll never forget. Unable to resist the lure of the stranger she encounters, she surrenders her untouched body to his passion, letting him awaken her own desires and fill her with his potent essence.

She thinks it's just an afternoon of wild springtime abandon, until she finds her belly swelling with his seed!

Filling Her Basket is over 6000 words of heat as an innocent young woman is claimed and filled by a god of the fields. Includes accelerated pregnancy, lactation, and uninhibited outdoor fun.