Fertile For Easter: A Hotwife Fantasy

Fertile For Easter: A Hotwife Fantasy
by Treasure Sinclair

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I want a baby. My firefighter husband had the mumps as a kid, so we need the help of some other virile men for me to have that one, most important dream. Michael enlists some buddies from his station to lend us their aid.

But, I'm not sure I want to know who all is helping us out with this very special project. Turns out, Michael has a party planned for after the Easter parade, so all the other firefighters will be dressed in bunny outfits to mask their faces.

Dressed like this, they look alike, and I can't tell who any of them are, so it's a perfect way for me to...accept their "help."

This is an adult story with shockingly adult content. The author swears no real bunnies were involved in the writing of this story, and she hopes you have a laugh or two and that you really enjoy yourself! Happy Spring!