Easter Baby Fever: A Fertile Hotwife Pregnancy Fantasy

Easter Baby Fever: A Fertile Hotwife Pregnancy Fantasy
by Chloe Martin

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Monte and Gina -- a couple trying for a baby -- are about to go to the most sinful Easter party of their lives.

Monte wants to spice up their sex life. Gina isn't sure about going to a sex party, especially given her conservative upbringing, but she agrees to attend...but not necessarily participate. But once there, Gina sees a powerful black man who inspires the most carnal of urges and then does the previously unthinkable -- she throws herself at this dark god of a man.

But what happens when her fertility bracelet beeps when she's on the verge of being taken by a dark stranger? Will her husband sit by and watch as another man takes his wife hard and unprotected, and risk having his wife knocked up by another, more powerful man?

Easter Baby Fever is 6K sinful words of a first-time hotwife's descent into depravity.