Doctor Bodrum’s Fertility Clinic

Doctor Bodrum’s Fertility Clinic
by Sadie Red

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"A shiver of excitement ran through me. Now, I had five men watching."

The nation is short of babies, and Magda has been selected for fertility testing by the male overlords of Northern Earth. She worries about agreeing to the tests, fearing the female overlords will disapprove, but her compulsion to experience what is forbidden is too great. Though she is deeply humiliated by the doctor and his students during the testing, she doesn't expect to enjoy it quite so much or to be rewarded by the team working on her together... over and over again.

Note: Intended for mature readers. Please do not buy this book if scenes of female exposure, humiliation, and sharing offend you.

"Doctor Bodrum's Fertility Clinic" is a standalone story, just right when you want to curl up and feel the heat on a dark night.